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Douglas C. brooks, LCSW-R




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Life brings on all kinds of challenges. I am a great listener, supportive, discreet and skilled at helping people reach their potential. With over 25 years of experience, I have helped people face and overcome their most challenging and most intimate issues. I have specialized with helping people improve their performance as it relates to the job, relationship or one's sex life using both a psychodynamic and behavioral modification approach. I am able to help people overcome issues of intimacy, underperformance and/or sexual addiction, to lead a healthier active life. 

I also provide coaching and group supervision for licensed social workers in need of clinically supervised hours. I practice at our two locations (Manhattan and Brooklyn).




I am here to help.  I am a bilingual psychotherapist with experience and interests with the treatment of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  I provide a safe and warm environment in which we work towards your healing and well-being.  I am here to help you gain insight and assist you with overcoming unhealthy patterns and habits.  From a strength based lens, I focus and highlight the skills and gifts you hold.  As we collaborate together, we will implement effective skills and build coping strategies that leave you feeling more in control of yourself and your life.




Mac Stanley Cazeau, is a Mental Health Counselor. Mr. Cazeau holds a  Bachelors Degree from Queens College and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University. Mr. Cazeau also holds two Gottman Insitutue Certification in Couples Therapy. As a result, Mr. Cazeau engages couples in a number of tailored interventions and activities that are scientifically proven to improve communication skills, conflict management, promote great friendships, while increasing a deeper level of intimacy. Mr. Cazeau has experience working with a variety of backgrounds and cultures, from mental health to at risk youth. Mr. Cazeau's therapeutic philosophy focuses on a holistic approach, utilizing a variety of therapy techniques. He utilizes a humanistic approach, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, multi systemic therapy, and more. Mr .Cazeau strongly believes in the integrative model in which an eclectic style is utilized tailoring the therapy to each individual's needs. Mr. Cazeau works in a very collaborative, empathetic, empowering, and supportive.




I provide a non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere in which individuals can safely explore and work through feelings and thoughts that may have them feeling like they are stuck. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I draw from a variety of methods to create a tailored approach for each individual and situation.

I have vast experience counseling clients with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD and substance abuse. I am encouraging, a great listener and direct. I believe that healing is a collaborative effort that requires honesty without judgment.




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